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The Rivers in the Kootenays are NOT blown out! July 19, 2016

News Flash!!!!  Recent rains in Southern Alberta have wreaked havoc on the rivers there. This is not the case in The East Kootenay water shed. We did get some color to a few rivers the past few days but they remained very "fishable" and are improving daily. As of 9pm tonight the bump in flows is on a lowering trend and clarity is ideal for dry fly!


Opening Day is June 15th. Expect it to be Great!

We have a great opening day lined up. Some pre scouting has shown us that the bugs are ready to explode and the cutthroat have had an easy spawn this spring. Expect fat fish eating on the surface as well as lunky Bull Trout in the dark corners of the rivers. Here is the current flow chart for the Elk River.

Elk River Flow

We hope to see you in the Shop or on the river soon.  Book a guide early to get dialed in for this trout season.

The 2016 Season Forecast

I’m sure everyone who is planning a trip to the Fernie area this season is interested to hear what we at Elk River Guiding think the rivers are going to do.  Keep in mind we are not professional river forecasters, but when some of our key guides have been around the valley for more than 20 years in the fishing and snow industry we have a pretty good handle on what’s  going on.  In reality we are like a bunch of farmers who gather at the coffee shop and bullsh#t about the season ahead and of course, everyone has a different opinion.  Luckily I have the ability to listen t

3 Days Left!

With the season closing on the 31st, there are only 3 days left to fish the Elk. Limited time means its best to maximize your opportunity by going on a winter drift with one of our guides. Believe it or not we have had some great Dry fly action and the river is in amazing shape. The Shop also has some great deals on closeout waders and boots but they are going fast as they are at pre exchange rate increase prices and on sale!!  If you can make a quick trip to Fernie then stop in and we will let the secret out!

3 Spots left on Tarponville Trip

Costa Rica's southern most fishing lodge located on the Caribbean cost. Located just above the border of Panama, Tarponville offers the best chance at some of the most powerful Tarpon you will ever encounter. Fishing shallow waters with intermediate and floating lines the excitement of these fish will leave you breathless…

Big Poon!

For years, fishermen have heard rumors of large tarpon in great numbers on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, near the border with Panama.