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August 22, 2015 Dealing with Closures

The Elk Valley has been one of the few areas in the North West that has not been affected by major river closures or restrictions.  We are lucky to have a free stone stream like the Elk, that is glacier and spring fed to keep water temperatures low enough for safe angling.  Michel Creek on the other hand, relies primarily on snow-melt and was closed, leaving many wade anglers disappointed.  However this closure was necessary with the low water levels, higher temperatures and increased angling pressure.

July 26th 2015

We have had a few days of cooler weather as well as some rain. This change is welcome as many smaller tributaries are very low on flow and are on watch for closure. The main stem of the Elk RIver is in great shape and fishing well and i suspect it will be good for the rest of the season. It will be important to watch for closures and we will pass on any information once we recieve it. 


The Mud is a Thing of the Past July 19 Report

It felt like an eternity but the Elk has finally cleared from last weekends mud slides.  It is not as clear as it was before but has been improving daily.  Hatches are mixed throughout the sections we drift with a variety of stone flies and caddis as well as Green Drakes.  The cooler days with a bit of rain had sparked a number of localized but intense Drake hatches and if you were in the right spot it was spectacular.   Yesterday there was some free time in the afternoon for a quick float and Liam managed a great cutty on a chubby Chernobyl in orange.

July 17, 2015 Looking Better!

A cold morning today so expect a slow start.  However water clarity is much better. Our update from TECK is that they have put a culvert around the mud slide and much cleaner water is the result while they do their remediation work.  There were some nasty rain storms up the valley last night so we may see some of the effects of that later today as that water makes its way down. Its hard to predict what will happen. With that in mind , we enjoy talking to all clients and customers and providing updates on river conditions.