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July 13th Update

The Elk has been exceptional since the start of the season. Unfortunately we had some localized rain upon the upper Elk watershed causing the river to blow out.  We are seeing improvment daily and will report back once we have more information and a better forcast as to fishing conditions.



July 2, The Greatness Continues!

This report is from Elk River Guide Darcy Richardson

"The River is still fishing great.  Cam ( long time ERGC client) and his buddy Graham,with a great double . Casting to rising trout eating Stonefly of all sizes. Cam could not believe how many bugs we saw today , biggest hatches we've had on the Elk in ten years. My advice Stop thinking about fishing the Elk ...........and get here now and do it! "

IT IS ON! June 19 Update

The Elk is On!  

Lots of bugs, Dry fly action, Big Flies!  and Guides are ready to go.  The flows are still up but when drifting big Stone Fly imitations from the boat tight to the bank is is nothing short of PERFECT!  This year is one of the best starts in the last 6 and it is definitely worth the trip to experience the Elk this time of year!!!

Give Us a Call and book a June float.  1-877-423-7239  

Weekend Update June 18

Looks like decent weather the next 3 days and flows have leveled out at 65 m³ which gives us great early season conditions. Stoneflies, Caddis, and even some drakes are on the water. Best to fish the big bugs as clarity is still only at 3ft but getting better by the day. The St Mary's is also off to a great start and has great water clarity. Shop hours are 9 to 6pm this weekend.  Come by to get Dad somthing cool for Fathers Day!

May 27, 2015 River Report

The week of unseasonably warm weather followed by a bit of precipitation has bummped up the flows. We can confidently say freshette has started on the Elk! Now the question is when will we be fishing?  Well river opener is June 15th and if the weather stays within the avereages I would predict we are floating on the 15th! Most of the upper valley snow is gone but there is a decent supply in the alpine. 

May 17th Weekend on the MO

Spent the weekend in Cascade with a few guys at Trout Montana and got some great advice and service at the shop. I took the jet down and fished below Pelican and also down stream of Cascade with my buddy Sean and a few of his pals.  We skipped the typical nymph runs and went searching for rising fish in the slow skinny water and it was a blast. Fishing small dries as BWO's, March Browns, Caddis and midges hatched. Mike Bushly and his business partner Kirk Evenson Run a nice shop and are awesome guys.